Artist Statement

In this exhibition I invite viewers to take a closer look at everyday objects, focused in on a level that is not normally seen by the human eye. Experiencing these items from a miniature perspective allows the observer to redefine their understanding of the familiar. My goal is to show the splendor of the hidden world, through the lens of modern technology. To do this, I used a digital camera converted to infrared and shot through a macro lens. I chose to present these images in black and white because the absence of color highlights the essentials aspects of each image and allows viewers to focus on the important structural foundation. The lack of color also helps to hide flaws and presents viewers with a more pure and timeless representation. This process allowed me to capture intimate aspects of the building blocks that are the foundation of these everyday items.  
In the process of taking these photos I noticed that certain themes started to emerge: the smaller that I was able to capture these objects, new images stated to appear. These images began to represent distinct manifestations of male and female sexual organs. To me, this represents the fundamental origins of life itself, and shows how even these common place items contain hidden links to the essence of life.
Programs: Adobe Bridge, Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Photoshop

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